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Rodney "Alex" Nobles (Bio)

Martial Arts

Born Rodney Alexander Nobles on January 14, 1958. Rodney started martial Arts at the age of 12 in 1970. He earned his black belt age age 17 from the Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwan Do School. Rodney was given the fighting name The Young Tiger. He won countless championships in sparring, kata and weapon kata on various martila arts circuits. He competed in kickboxing on the PKA (Professional Kickboxing Association) circuits for 3 years. Fighting on the amateur circuit for over 3 years. In 1980 he founded the Young Tiger Martial arts School while also achieving black belts in Shotokan, Japanese Goju Ryu and Vita Sianna, African Art of War. Rodney appeared on Asian World Martial Arts catalog in the 90s and you can still see his image in the catalog today. He is currently teaching private karate lessons and personally training various people around the Philadelphia and Delaware areas. Alex holds two 9th degree belts under the Song Do Kwan Alliance and the Vita Sianna African martial Arts, which is a grand master of the martila arts.


At the time martial arts was Rodney's Yen, he realized kicking the crap out of people was kind of shallow and didn't show the deph of all of his talents. He needed a yang to balance himself out. So he decided to give comedy a try. Being a big fan of Rchard Pryor, it was a no brainer. He started to attend comedy open mic nights and within a year he had enough material to hit the comedy circuit. He was named "Alex Noble, the GQ of Comedy" by Clay Herry the owner of the Comedy Factory Outlet. He toured up and down the Eastcoast and performed at big clubs such as the Comendy Factory Outlet, The Funny Bone, The Comedy Cabaret and many others.


While performing in comdey clubs and competing in karate tournaments, Rodney started auditioning for acting parts in commericals, TV and films. Alex appeared on "New York Undercover" and several episodes of "America's Most Wanted". He did countless commerials and industrial films. He appeared in "Fallen" staring Denzel Washington and "Snake Eyes" starring Nicholas Cage. He had a starring role in the independent film by Steve Patterson called "Drawing Down the Moon". Be also did theater getting a starring role in the play "The Azusa Street Revival" and in "Cooley High" the play.


Rodney Had a brief lead singing with "The Flex Band" of Cinnaminson NJ.


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