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    Young Tiger
    Once labeled as “one of the most exciting kickboxers on the East Coast” and likened to the Sugar Ray Leonard of kickboxing, Alex will help you begin your training in this exhilarating sport.  He has also been compared to Bill “Superfoot” Wallace

Alex Nobles began his fitness career 38 years ago as a 12 year old martial artist.  Alex won countless number of championships in Karate, Kickboxing and Boxing.  He is a certified, licensed and insured personal trainer.  Workouts offered range from low impact to moderate and advanced.  Classes are tailored to each person or groups experience level, from the non experienced to experienced trainee.

Alex’s classes encompass the use of all types of equipment, portable and stationery.  Best of all, Alex will travel to work with individuals or groups, visiting your home, office or gym.   Any equipment that may already reside at your home or office location can be included in the workouts, if desired. 

As a certified physical therapist aide, Alex also works with sport injuries and obesity.

Rodney Nobles started his martial arts career at the early age of twelve.  He quickly picked up the skills and began winning first place in his division.  He got his first black belt at the age of 17 and began fighting in the adult black belt division as a lightweight.  He won his first championship in the adult black belt division in the late seventies.  He was the reigning lightweight champion until he moved up to the middleweight where he won the middleweight championship.  He moved up in weight and won championship after championship.  He won championships in the fighting division, the kata division and the weapon divisions.  He fought and competed in tournaments all over the U.S.A.  He fought as a kick boxer and a boxer in the early and the mid eighties.  In all he has won well over 3000 trophies and a close to half of them were championship trophies.
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