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  • Fitness

    Each fitness program is individualize and tailored to your request, whether a one on one, two on one, or any personalized group.  Alex will evaluate your fitness needs and create a program customized to fit your needs and lifestyle.  There is no chance for boredom as routines offered constantly vary in speed, types of equipment used, and discipline.  Workouts are fun and exciting.  Many clients have been training with Alex for over 20 years.


Boxing / Box Aerobics

Boxing is a great full body workout.  Alex will teach you the fundamentals of boxing, putting it in workout form.  If there are special boxing skills that interest you, they will be worked into a routine at your request.  AS a Golden Glove competitor, Alex won many boxing matches and has trained a large number of fighters throughout his 38 year career in martial arts.  Box aerobics can be included as either low or high impact according to the speed of the punches.

Kick Boxing

Kickboxing / Kickboxing Aerobics

Kickboxing is even more of an intense workout than boxing.  It requires 7 times more energy to kickbox than it does to box because your legs possess some of the biggest muscles in your body, the quads and the gluts.  Seven times more energy is needed to move these muscles, which means the more you kick, the more energy you burn. 

Alex teaches the fundamentals of kickboxing and then creates a customized workout just for you.

Nutrition & Diet

According to Alex “dieting is simply a quick fix; but for long term results, a change in your eating habits is necessary”.  Alex works with you to record and review your eating habits to develop your own eating and nutritional plan.  The axiom “dieting and exercise work hand & hand” has been well documented in many dieting magazines and nutritional journals.  Alex’s programs have helped over 100 clients lose weight and stay in shape.

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